Monday, August 1, 2011


Again the situation is that it's been quite a while since I've posted. Here's a recap of where all the miles have taken me.

Went on a trip to New Hampshire, went up Mt. Washington on the bike until the park service closed the road due to high winds and excessively cold temperatures and ice. Then went to Maine the next day, had some lobster, chowder, and great camping weather.

The much mentioned BMW 1200GS in New Hampshire

Yesterday I hit 25k on the BMW GS1200 odometer (7/31/11).

I've been wanting to complete an IronButt event, like the SaddleSore 1000, so I did that too. A minimum of 1000 miles within 24 hours. I couldn't see myself doing a ride of this nature on the East Coast for a few reasons. The potential traffic issues and the fact that I've seen the EC my whole life, time for something new! So, I figured I'd go to the land of Oz - off to Kansas to see some corn.

I left at 3:47 AM on Friday, 7/9 and 1150 miles later, and 19.5 hours later I was in Topeka, Kansas. No real delays, no mechanical issues, just heat and a rush hour arrival in St. Louis. Wow, that arch is really big - it needs a bungee swing to make it really fantastic!

The ride back home took two days because I wasn't feeling as motivated and strong on the way home. It took me by surprise, even though everything I read was you won't be able to maintain the same mileage on successive days - they were right. Another thing that I read, but didn't process until really doing it - you can't have enough water. I'd drink as much as I could at a fuel stop, then 5 minutes into riding, I'd be thirsty again.

An even hotter ride was taken with the wife when we went to Busch Gardens for a few days. OMG, it was hot on the ride, at the park, in the shade - all I remember was heat, the hotel pool being nice, and the AC in the hotel being bliss.

There will be more adventure and more miles this Summer for sure, but there is nothing planned currently. There are some thoughts to attempt a 1500 mile ride in 24 hours in the next 12 months, but I need to fit a fuel cell onto the bike to carry additional fuel to make fuel stops be on 280 mile increments rather than 200 mile to save on time. I might need a catheter for this ride!

another shot from Mt. Washington in New Hampshire in very cold weather in June

Owl City load in at Pier Six Baltimore, a work picture without a reference

Owl City close up - Impressions, Mac 101s, VL2500 Spots - the touring package

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